Valorant Python Triggerbot | V2

Use At Own Risk
Valorant Python Triggerbot | V2 Valorant Python Triggerbot | V2

Today I have decided to upload my variant of Fastest Python Valorant Triggerbot.

My friend has been using this for about.. 3 weeks and we decided it was finally time to release it, and so far his account is good he doesn't rage tho and he tries to be smart when using it! And you should too!

Intructions on How to run:
First extract the folder then open a CMD, then type "pip install -r requirements.txt" if you get an error, just open the requirements file, and type in the stuff inside the requirements manually, after you've installed it all successfully, open another CMD and type "cd C:\path to cheat folder" after you're in the folder you wanna type "python" then the GUI will open

You can open the in a cmd if you wanna spoof before using

Make sure you have python installed at:

V2 Update:

- Changed name of program to conceal it

- added this will spoof your sources UUID and signature

- fixed color tolerance not adjusting pixels scanned

- Added more debugging

-  added "Humanized" feature where when toggled and the correct pixel is detected, it has a chance to fire 1-4 consecutive shots to look more human like

Features of Valorant Python Triggerbot | V2

  • Triggerbot
  • Stickyaim
  • Autocounterstrafe
  • Humanization
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  • kokotkomrdal

    i cant launch it, every time i get this error : AttributeError: 'DXCamera' object has no attribute 'is_capturing'

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    • falkenauge

      I downloaded it now. But what can the triggerbot do? I activated everything but I dont see any difference. Can you make an video with your settings in the mod menu and some gameplay. Thanks

       (0)  (0) Reply
      • falkenauge

        I dont get it. Can you do an tutorial on the cmd bar thing. The command c path doesnt work for me.

         (0)  (0) Reply
        • jezieel01

          how use?? I did everything, downloaded everything but nothing opens on the screen

           (0)  (0) Reply
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