Schizer Hub Blade Ball Script

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Schizer Hub Blade Ball Script Schizer Hub Blade Ball Script

Schizer Hub is one of the most diverse scripts made for the Blade Ball game in Roblox. It provides players with the comfort they are looking for, both in terms of content and ease of use. Let's take a closer look at this Blade Ball Script that we shared as

Schizer Hub V2 Blade Ball Gui

One of the best things about this script is that you can use it on your mobile devices. The best part of Schizer Hub is that it also includes different hub scripts for blade ball. Thanks to this feature, you can find any feature you are looking for. So, if you ask what its features are, let me talk about a few of them. 

Thanks to its Auto Parry feature, it automatically blocks the ball coming at you without any effort on your part. AutoParry also has some sub-branches. These are God Parry, Legit Parry etc. The Legit Parry feature blocks the ball without revealing that you are cheating and allows you to die on purpose in some places so that it will not be revealed that you are using a script and you will not be banned from the game. God Parry, on the other hand, allows you to hit all of the balls without missing any, which will completely win you the game. With the Follow Ball feature, you follow the ball wherever it goes. WalkSpeed ​​and JumpPower features increase your walking speed and jumping power . All the features are countless. Get this blade ball script now, where you can find all kinds of cheating features you are looking for, and start using it!

Features of Schizer Hub Blade Ball Script

  • Auto Parry
  • God Parry
  • Legit Parry
  • Jump Power
  • Walk Speed
  • Follow Ball
  • Auto Spam
  • Infinite Jump
  • And More!!
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