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Redwood Prison Script | Amplifier Hub Redwood Prison Script | Amplifier Hub

Welcome to Redwood Prison Script. This script, which will make the game of its users much easier and more fun, will also bring you to a very good place in the game. Let's take a closer look at the Amplifier Hub that we share with you as  

Redwood Prison Gui

Amplifier Hub, one of the most preferred scripts by players, offers many advantages to its users. This gui, which stands out with its easy-to-use and simple interface, also has a wide range of features. You will be able to access all the features you are looking for in the Redwood Prison game. If you ask what kind of features it has, let me tell you about a few of them.

Weapons feature is one of the most popular features. In this section, you can choose any weapon you want and add it to your inventory without having to pay money for the weapons. With the teleport feature, you can teleport anywhere you want in the game with a single click. And in the fun section, which is the best part of this script, you can troll other players. For example, you can make any player sit on the ground and prevent him from getting up, or you can teleport next to anyone you want and scare them. Get this script, which hosts many other features, now and start enjoying its advantages!

Features of Redwood Prison Script | Amplifier Hub

  • Select Weapons
  • Teleport
  • Invisible Walls
  • Change Outfits
  • Court 1v1 Target
  • Tp To Target
  • Target Sit
  • Sit Others
  • Clown Others
  • And More!
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