Phasmophobia Hack - Simple Mini-Cheat v0.5.1.0 (Steam)

Phasmophobia Hack - Simple Mini-Cheat v0.5.1.0 (Steam) Phasmophobia Hack - Simple Mini-Cheat v0.5.1.0 (Steam)

What's up, today I'm going to tell you about the Phasmophobia Hack. Phasmophobia is a horror game and I have to confess something to you, between us, I'm terrified of horror games. Maybe that's what they're about, but I don't like to be scared. Why would you pay to be afraid of the overly irritating cause? Anyway I won't judge you for that :D . The cheat is actually not very detailed and big, but I still have to say that it is at a sufficient level for the game. Because your goal in the game is to survive (like every horror game :D ok I will stop talking about horror games), avoid the creatures, do the necessary tasks. Did I mention that the looks are so scary and ugly Ah anyway, they're not as scary as my ex. Thanks to the cheat, you will gain an advantage in the game and you will be able to finish it easily. You'll find it easier to pass most places. The game is very dark by nature so watch out for your flashlight and please don't scream.Don't forget to check out more Phasmophobia hack and cheat content on our site. 

Producer note:

So far, this is just a walk speed editor. However, I do intend to add more features, but for now its just a wip cheat. Think of this as an early release. For now, I'll update the post when so many new updates come. good games.  

Features of Phasmophobia Hack - Simple Mini-Cheat v0.5.1.0 (Steam)

  • First Upload
  • Added Walk Speed Editor
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