Legendary Apex Legends Hack [Season 10]

Legendary Apex Legends Hack [Season 10] Legendary Apex Legends Hack [Season 10]

An up-to-date and working Legendary Apex Legends Hack script for the game Apex Legends. Legendary Apex Hack is an universal solution for many players, with this simple script you could use a lot of features in the Apex Legends game and thereby you will shoot much more accurately from any type of weapon.There are a lot of excellent scripts which the hack includes, have a fun with cheating guys!

This Legendary Apex Legends Hack is for 1920 x 1080 resolution only.

  • (Will support other resolution in future)
  • Random mouse freeze ( Rarely happen )
  • Recoil pattern so weird because I copy paste from many source. (ฺ Will fix that in future )
  • Auto weapons detection is not accurate. ( Still working on it )
  • Updated pattern still not perfect.
  • Turbocharge weapon seem weird.


  1. Download & Extract "Legendary Apex Hack.rar"
  2. Open the injector and inject those files in the game
  3. Run the scripts (autohotkey)
  4. Have fun in game!
  5. Join our discord!

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