Genshin Impact Anticheat Bypass

Genshin Impact Anticheat Bypass Genshin Impact Anticheat Bypass

I have decided to create this Genshin Impact Anticheat Bypass to share a method for bypassing Genshin Impact's Kernel Driver Anticheat.

By using this method, you will be able to use Cheat Engine, inject any Dll, and read/write memory both internally and externally.

The Genshin Impact Bypass works as follows:

Once the Genshin Impact Anticheat Driver starts, you immediately freeze or suspend the Genshin Impact process.

This somehow prevents the Anticheat from protecting the Genshin Impact process.

As a result the Anticheat driver crashes, allowing you to resume the Genshin Impact process without any Anticheat.

Interestingly Genshin Impact has no heartbeat check, which means it does not verify if the Anticheat is running.

Because of that, you can freely use the unprotected Genshin Impact process without the Kernel Driver Anticheat and perform and do whatever you want with it.

Features of Genshin Impact Anticheat Bypass

  • Anticheat Bypass
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