CSGO Victoria Hack | External Cheat for CSGO 2023

CSGO Victoria Hack | External Cheat for CSGO 2023 CSGO Victoria Hack | External Cheat for CSGO 2023

CSGO Victoria Hack is a brand new cheat with a beautiful design that comes with tons of features that you would only expect from an expensive paid cheat that.

It is rare that we come across, or cheat developers develop such cheats like this Free CSGO Victoria Hack here. Most cheats but not the Cheats and Hacks for CSGO that we post on our website, they can feel pretty underwhelming with the amount of features they have or with a bad looking graphical user interface that you might not like.

What really shocks me and what probably will shock you is that the cheat even has a bot section where you can just hop into a deathmatch and the CSGO Victoria Hack will straight up farm XP for you.

Here’s how the developers describe CSGO Victoria Hack:

  • Undetected since 2015
  • External working methods
  • Easy installation and startup
  • Automatic updates
  • Fully External coating
  • Language support: Russian, English

How to Use CSGO Victoria Hack

What you need before getting started with CSGO Victoria Hack:

  • Stable operation is guaranteed only on OS Windows 10/11 with the latest updates.
  • Previous OS versions may not fully support the program operation.
  • An up-to-date version of Visual C++ is required for the program to work.
  • Download it here: aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x86.exe
  • Before launching it is strongly recommended to disable all antiviruses.

  1. First, create a folder in your C:\ drive called “Victoria” and unzip the files from the archive into it
  2. Then, create the folder called “Configs” in that Victoria folder and move the configs to it
  3. Launch CSGO
  4. Run Victoria.exe as administrator
  5. If you have the activation key, insert it in the text field next to the key button and click on the key
  6. Select the version, click “Download” and wait for the download Victoria Hack
  7. Click on “Launch”.
  8. Enjoy and have tons of fun!

CSGO Victoria Hack | Features


  • Aimlock
  • Bind, weapon setting (hitbox, fov)


  • Aim and recoil control – Support for bind, visibility check, auto-walls, weapon tuning (first shot delay, fov, hitboxes, silent, aim smoothing, compression, randomization, curvilinear aiming, horizontal/vertical RCS)
    ● Trigger – Bind, weapon settings (delays, chance to hit, modes of operation, randomization)
    ● Backtrack – Value (1-200ms)
    ● Auto-pistol – Customization by weapon (accuracy)


  • Glow – Bind, styles, Sound ESP, intensity, colors (health color, team color, custom color, defuse/hostage pickup, reload, blind, zoom, bomb, allies), weapon highlights
  • Engine Radar – Revealing all enemies on the in-game radar
  • Chams – Intensity, colors (health color, team color, custom color, defuse/hostage pickup, reload, blind, zoom, bomb, allies, hands)
  • Chat Information – Bind, player color and nickname, position, weapon, health
  • Custom sky
  • Night mode
  • Card color
  • Custom fog – Two types of fog (on the ground, in the sky), color, transparency, range)
  • Aim without zoom
  • Recoil sight
  • Demonstration of the flight of a grenade


  • General settings: VSync, FPS
  • Box – Color, stroke, thickness, smooth corners
  • Skeleton – Colors (head, torso, arms, legs), thickness

Skin Changer

  • Skins of weapons and knives
  • Knife models – Setting up CT and T knives separately, knife animation fixes
  • Fake rank
  • Fake medal


  • Bunnyhop – Bind, humanization
  • Revealing ranks in chat – At the beginning of the match, by bindu
  • Camera setting, hands – Fov, zoom fov, hand fov, camera shake, visual feedback
  • Klantag – Synchronization, any animation, animation speed
  • FPS Boost
  • Aspect Ratio (aspect ratio)
  • Auto-acceptance
  • Transparent Panorama menu
  • sv_cheats bypass

Player list

  • Ranks, wins, levels
  • Links to Steam, faceitfinder, csgostats, convars
  • Deathmatch – Deathmatch autoplay, sandbox support (200xp per game), auto-restart, auto-reconnect, select any weapon preset, walk and aim settings
  • Flying Scoutsman – Automatic game in Flying Scoutsman mode, support for farming 2 accounts at the same time
  • VAC protection level – 4 levels of VAC protection (1 – everything is available, 2 – Internal functions are disabled, 3 – less reliable functions are disabled, 4 – any change in the game is disabled)
  • Menu – Bind opening in game, color, language
  • Overlay – Snap speed, FPS, VSync

DC Server of the developer: https://discord.com/invite/9xGzjWS53e

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Free Download CSGO Victoria Hack | External Cheat for CSGO 2023

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