Top 5 Tips That Will Make You A True CSGO Master

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also know as CS:GO is currently one of the most popular Tactical First Person Shooters (FPS) on the market, as well as the most downloaded game on Steam’s history. Despite it’s long-standing history, CS:GO has managed to stay at the top spot with the highest amount of users playing at any one time. With all that in mind it is only natural that we would want to cover it in this blog, as well as present to you a list of the Top 5 Tips That Will Make You A True CSGO Master.

For all of you who are determined to reach the top as fast as possible, follow these tips and tactics and you will start seeing improvement to your playstyle immediately!

Now Lets Move On To The Tips:

   1. Optimise your CSGO settings.

Before  getting to the technical part you have to configure the game’s settings to improve gameplay. This Top 5 Tips That Will Make You A True CSGO Master Article will help you find the best settings for that purpose by taking data from CS:GO’s Professional Players.

Data taken from which is a highly trusted and reliable database that documents Pro Player’s settings, has given us some information on them which we are going to share here.
Most of CS:GO’s Pro Players play with an aspect ration of 4:3 (stretched) while also keeping their resolution quite low at just 1280×960. This is done in order to increase FPS  which is turn offers a better and smoother experience that helps improve reflexes.

Creating a good and comfortable crosshair is also very important as it helps you aim better as well as locating an enemies specific body part easier. Most Pro Players use small and static crosshairs which offer grater control over your aim. Last tip for good setting optimisation would be to lower your in-game sensitivity as well as mouse DPI. It has been proven that lowering those two can improve your aim significantly. We recommend setting your DPI anywhere from 400 – 500 and your sensitivity below 2.0


  2. Learning your way arount maps.

CS:GO has a great collection of maps for each game mode which makes it a bit hard to learn how to use all of them. That’s why starting with just one is the best option!
Pick the map that catches your eye and start actively playing on it. After some time, you will come to understand the map as well as learn about all the good spots and best angles.
This will definitely give you a huge advantage over your enemies and will, in the long term, make you a way better player!


  3. Sound is Everything.

Being able to hear your opponent’s footsteps as well as gunshots is a very important factor to becoming a better player. Sound is the key to a greater game experience in every FPS game on the market. Having the ability to do that will help you pinpoint the opponent and kill him more effectively and easily, making you a way better player and improving your gameplay!
Buying a good  high end headset would be the best option but knowing that not all people can afford or are able to buy one, We recommend making the best use of what you already have.

If you are in a fortunate position where buying something like that is not a problem, we would strongly advise doing so. Even a cheat headset would improve your gameplay by a lot. If You Need Undetected Wallhack Cheat for CSGO


  4. Mastering Core Weapons.

CS:GO is know for it’s very unique and at the same time very hard gun mechanics. Each gun has a vastly different recoil patern, making it hard for players to control  and master it.
With that being said, you should definitely try to master at least the core and most used ones. The guns that are definitely worth mastering are the AK-47, M4A4 or M4A1-S, AWP, Tec-9 and Five-Seven.

We know that all of these are hard to master at once, that’s why we rocommend picking one or two at a time. Once you start feeling confident enough when using them, you can move to mastering another one.


   5. Communication is Key.

With CS:GO being a multiplayer game where you play with other people from all around the world. There are ways to communicate with these people by either talking with the help of the voice-chat or by typing which is made posible by the Text Chat.

We strongly recommend using the voice-chat feature as it is way faster and easier to use. We understand that you might not want to “expose” your real voice to srangers or that you might be shy, but talking to your teammates is something essential.

With all that being said, in order to be able to give effective callouts to your teammates, you will have to learn the map’s spots. It is hard to learn the spots for every map that why we recommend starting with the basic and commonly used ones first.

Example in the picture bellow: