Top 4 Best Chrome Extensions of 2022

In this blog post I will give you a list of the Top 4 Best Chrome Extensions of 2022. All of the extensions listed below are my own personal recommendations, they are not ranked by popularity or user reports but rather by how useful I find them. I will only be writing about extensions that are publicly available on the Chrome WebStore in order to avoid confusion.


 4. Honey

Honey is a free extension that works across multiple browsers. With that being said, today I am only going to cover the Chrome version since it is what I’m more familiar with and use. Honey is useful for users that do a lot of online shopping as it provides you with discount coupons and promotional codes for multiple website. It automatically applies those coupons for you so you don’t have to do anything. Honey is basically free money.

 3. Tampermonkey

Tampermonkey is an extension loved by regular and power user alike since it gives you the abbility to inject additional code to other website in order to make them better or more convenient. A good example would be adding a video download button on YouTube. Downloading Youtube videos is a feature that only those with a subscription can do, that’s why some people decided to make UserScripts that allow you to do so for free.

UserScripts are what Tampermonkey uses to inject code into websites, UserScripts can be written in Javascript, HTML and CSS which are also the 3 programming languages that make up the majority of the WEB. Of course you don’t have to write the UserScipts yourself, there are websites such as GreasyFork that let people install such userscripts made by others for free.


 2. FastForward

FastForward is a new extension that was published recently. The purpose of it is to give make your browsing faster by bypassing “annoying link shortners” and advertising services that bloat and disturb your experience. This project is a continuation of the now unmaintained project Universal-Bypass, which was a very popular and highly trusted extension with the same functionality. As a bonus, the FastForward extension offers IP grabbing protection which basically prevents malicious websites from logging your presonal data and IP adress


 1. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is in my opinion the best content blocker out there. It blocks all kinds of ADS and warns you when you are about to step on a sketchy website. uBlock Origin will deffinately make your browsing experience way cleaner and a lot faster, paired with FastForward they make the best combo for clean and seamless browsing while also not talking up a lot of precious system recources, especially for those with a weaker PC.


This concludes the list of my 4 favourite Chrome Extensions that I use and love. Thank you for reading this article and make sure to keep on coming back to for more useful articles  such as this one.