[OLD] Madloader II – Official Documentation

About Madloader:

Madloader is a simple to use but feature rich cheat loader for games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Team Fortress 2. We, together with its developer ZeroByteZ are striving towards providing the community with the best and and most secure experience there is, while helping you dominate the cheating world and the reach the top of this community.

To help you in that process, Madloader offers you a great selection of popular cheats such as OneTap v3, Osiris, FreezyHook & much more as well as pre-made configs and scripts made by our community members that will jump-start your cheating experience! With that being said, it’s time that we explore the utility and tools that our loader offers as well. Coming first we have the top-quality VAC Bypass made by our friends over at Art of Cheats, this tool will reduce the chance of your account getting banned by a great degree and will help keep your mind at ease while using even detected or unsafe cheats!

Next up in the list we have our Steam Hour Tool as well as our Steam Achievement Manager, both very useful for unlocking any achievement or getting more hours on your favourite games. Our own DLL injector (Madinjector) that is also built in to the app will allow you to securely and at blazing speeds, inject any cheat to any game even if it’s not included into Madloader. For more details about the features you can visit the Official Madloader Website

How to Use Madloader:

This loader was made with simplicity and user convenience in mind that’s why most people have no problem using or browsing it.
Having said that, providing instructions is necessary.

  1. Disable your Anti-Virus System
  2. Download Madloader from our official website
  3. Open the file and install Madloader into your system
  4. Lanch the program
  5. Click on Get Activation Key and go through Linkvertise
  6. Paste your key and click on Activate

After following these steps injecting your favourite cheat should be as simple as just clicking the Load Cheat button found under each cheat.